The A.M.P.O. – facilities and projects in Burkina Faso

The Ampo orphanage for boys
Accommodation for up to 60 boys betweeb 6 and 18 years.


The AMPO annexe orphanage for girls
Accommodation for up to 60 girls between 6 and 18 years.


The MIA-ALMA House
Accommodation for abandoned pregnant girls and young women with AIDS and their children


P.P.Filles – Counseling Centre for Women

  • Counselling for family planning, health, hygiene,
    nutrition and women’s rights
  • CinéMobile: Mobile education in family planning and AIDS covering the entire Sahel area of the country
  • Microcredits for woman


AMPO Clinic

  • general medicine, gynaecology, dentistry, rehabilitation,  optical unit
  • LINDA Project against malnutrition


Projects for the physically handicapped

  • the Wheelchair Workshop
  • the Mobile Wheelchair Workshop supports people with physical handicaps in remote villages


Tondtenga Agricultural College
Organic farm and boarding school for 80 boys (Theoretical and practical training in vegetable cultivation, animal breeding and biologoical agriculture)