Other projects

Self-help for needy mothers of large families

This is an association of about 150 women working in groups to form small trade cooperatives. They take half of the profits and the other half is used to finance operations for toddlers in the clinic.

School fees

Apart from the children living at AMPO, we pay school fees for around 2,500 other children, strictly according to their performance. Months before school is due to start we have parents queuing at the door to get on to the waiting list. It is mainly primary schooling that is financed, because Burkina Faso still has an illiteracy rate of 87%. The exceptions are children in upper schools who are among the top five in their class. Nevertheless we still have to turn people down owing to lack of funds. Nothing is worse than denying the financial basis to a good pupil in his final year before graduation, especially when he has already put in 14 years of hard work for the future of his entire family.

Sales and export

All of the AMPO workshops display their products in our little AMPO shop situated on the site of the annexe. A wide selection of calabash dolls, children’s clothing, handwoven fabrics, wooden shelves and key-rings is available to our customers. All of the products on display can also be obtained in Germany through the Sahel e.V. registered office. The children are so pleased to contribute to their own upkeep.