AMPO kids paint their world

Djeneba Kabré

At the age of 10 she had already been our youngest girl for four years, until so many new girls came. Of course she was totally spoiled by everyone. Her nickname is “Mr Ibrahim” because she is so good at climbing trees and like the boys she always has skinned knees. She attends our own school and is an apprentice cook in our restaurant. A cheery kid!

Rasmané Nikiema

10 years old, goes to the state school and finds it difficult because he is rather withdrawn. He has been with us since 1998 and we hope he will slowly gain confidence. His favourite pastime is to spend the whole weekend painting.

Abdoulaye Zougmoré

Aged 16 he is a boy for whom nothing is easy, neither in our school, nor at his trade in the carpentry shop. He does make an effort and is now showing good results. It goes to show what can be achieved with patience and persistence.

Alimata Guigma

11 years old. One of the new girls in the orphanage. She does well at school and we notice she is often a little sad. After a while, however, even the shiest kids start to enjoy life with us and so we are waiting patiently

Sam Raphae

17 years old, will have to leave the orphanage next year. He has been with us for four years and completed his carpentry apprenticeship with skill and hard work. When he leaves we will continue to support him for a year, then he’ll be given a saw, a plane and the right tools so that he can stand on his own two feet..

Yacouba Dipama

11 years old, still has his mother who lives in the poorest circumstances and is dogged by ill health. She is a great worry to little Yacouba. In school he works hard. He is very modest and does not stand out, but he can be a bit of a rascal at times.

Aminata Dembega

Our great hope! At the age of 13 she did the equivalent of her O levels and is now attending the girls’ secondary school. We are all expecting her to be our Minister of Finance one day. She is responsible, independent and certainly does have leadership skills. Apart from one brother, no one else in her family is still alive.

Yves Kabore

!4 years old, spent many years living on the streets. In the mornings he attends our school and from 10 to 5 o’clock he learns carpentry. Finally he now has a goal in life.

Toussaint Konombo

15 years old and still much too small for his age, as a result of undernourishment as a child. He is learning to be a tailor and has almost completed his apprenticeship because he is so good at cutting out and sewing. Unfortunately he is still battling with the after- effects of his previous life on the streets, but we are helping him.

Mahamady Damiba

One of our Damiba twins – the other is called Mahamadou. They are 12 years old and we can only talk about them in the plural. They sleep under one blanket, always sit next to each other and never seem to fight. They are great guys and terrific footballers. Both are very popular and really look after the smaller kids.

Daouda Tapsoda

11 years old, always smiling, this kid spent four years on the streets. He doesn’t like school much, but he has to go. At times is a real scamp, but always shows respect.

Hazare Soré

12 years old, half-orphan. Her father is dead and her mother was banished from the community as a witch. Hazare was deeply traumatised when she was brought to us. Meanwhile she is third in her class of 140 children and finally learned to smile.