A day at the orphanage

Orphan„At AMPO we are all happy and contented“

The children (aged between 6 and 18) sleep on mats and have a busy daytime schedule. There is always time enough to take a child in your arms or give a word of encouragement!

5-6 a.m. out of bed, wash and shower

6-7 a.m. make beds, clean the huts, breakfast

7 a.m. kids off to their various schools

10 a.m. boarders start work in the workshops

12.30 p.m. kids get back from school, lunch followed by time out

2 p.m. kids go back to school or to workshops

5 p.m. kids get back – time out, boys usually play football

6 p.m. wash, shower

Thursday is laundry day. The kids wash their clothes themselves. They also have to clean the yard and their huts thoroughly. Thursday is also general sports day.


7.30 p.m. supper

8 p.m. evening classes for those who attend night school. Others meet to do homework.

9 p.m. bed time for smaller kids

10 p.m. bed time for big kids
… lights out!